Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lighting Games

Lighting Games, originalmente cargada por FernandoRueda.
Playing with lights, like a child. I'm so amazing about a good news in Bucaramanga. Healing The Children, Michigan, Ohio, Chapter will visit us tomorrow to heal hurting children (harelip and burns).
Since 1985, Healing the Children has been sending medical volunteers around the world to treat children in their home countries.

They say: "the sweetest, most compelling reward is always the scene outside the clinic on the first day of work. It’s the same each time: hundreds of people quietly standing in line, their children at their sides or in their arms. Many of them will have traveled for days to reach the clinic; now they patiently wait for the doors to open, hoping that this will be the day their children will be healed."
"Healing The Childre" are really special people making happy thousands of children every year.

Jugando con luces como un niño. Hoy quede muy impresionado con una buena noticia en Bucaramanga. HEALING THE CHILDREN es una organizacion norteamericana que visita nuestra ciudad para atender a niños con labio leporino y secuelas de quemaduras. En una semana operan a 200 niños con la ayuda de profesionales locales (como el Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez que me comento sus experiencias con este grupo).
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