Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Zona Cafetera, originally uploaded by reilly436.

I don`t know if there is another place in the world where old JEEPS are an important part in the life of many people, but here,in Colombia, it that happens. They even work very hard and have to carry people, coffe and everything that you can find in our farms.
I'm trying to choose my new camera and I`m looking for a "Like SRL". This photo was taken by "reilly436" with a Panasonic DMC-FZ28K with 10 mp and 18x. How do you like this camera?

No se si hay otro lugar en el mundo donde los antiguos JEEP sean parte importante de la vida de tanta gente, pero aqui en Colombia eso si pasa. Estos JEEP aun trabajan y muy fuerte, tienen que mover gente, cafe y cualquier cosa que se encuentre en una finca.
Esta foto fue tomada por "reilly436" con una Panasonic DMC-FZ28K con 10 mp y 18x de zoom. Como le parece esta opcion?

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