Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Raspados are famous in the parks and streets of towns and cities where the heat forces to take one. They're made of ice scraped with syrup of fruits, honey and condensed milk. They are
delicious and colorful.

Los Raspados son famosos en los parques y calles de pueblos y ciudades donde el calor obliga a tomar uno. Estan hechos de hielo raspado con almibar de frutas, miel y leche condensada. Eson deliciosos y llenos de colorido.


magiceye said...

in Mumbai they are called 'golas'

Abraham Lincoln said...

It is the same all over. We call it shaved ice here. I assume the only difference is the flavoring.

Nice photograph.

I have 1 baby raccoon today and a pile of poop!
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Beetle said...

Oh I can really see how delicious it is from the way the lil' girl stareing.... ;o)

Fernando said...

Definitively, the world is not as big as it seems

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